Omni Enviro Water Systems


Rheumatic Arthritis

My name is Francesca Shippadori,

I am 83 yrs old pensioner who suffers from rheumatic arthritis. I was previously on anti-inflammatory tablets (Vioxx and Celebrex) prescribed from my doctor to relieve the pain. I found the tablets would give me heart burr as a side effect.

I was given the Magnetic Technologies funnel to try. I started drinking water that had been passed through the funnel on the (11.04.2004). After 6 to 8 weeks of constant use I started to notice improvement. I have now been drinking the water through the funnel and use the water in all my cooking and beverages for 4.5 month (11.09.2004). I no longer take the inflammatory tablets and have no more pain with good mobility. I have also noticed it has relieved my heart burr and improve my digestion. I am very satisfied as this device has made a big difference in my life and I will continue to use it.

Francesca Schippadori